Video interviews from SPOT Festival 2009 


Belgium looking for Nordic talent

Journalist Matthieu Van Steenkiste from belgian music-website is visiting SPOT for the second time. Lots of talented bands to check out, he says, but Danish beer is to expensive ... Matthieu is also a member of the belgian jury selecting danish bands for the Spot on Denmark export initiative in the Benelux countries.

Very scandinavian and tidy

British author and journalist Will Hodgkinson enjoys his SPOT-debut. The festival is - in many respects - far away from the muddy fields of most festivals. He writes regularly for the english newspaper The Guardian and is impressed by the standard of so many bands with a voice of their own. For example Taxi Taxi!, Oh No Ono and Choir of Young Believers.

The music connoisseur has spoken

Music journalist from Rolling Stone Magazine David Fricke is, once again, visiting the SPOT Festival. What does he think about this year's festival and what will be the "the next big thing"?

The Albaniens are coming!

SPOT Festival is an international event - that has been the case for several years. Aand each year new and exiting people are visiting. This year, an Albanien TV station has sent three representatives to cover SPOT and Danish culture.


The Chinese connection

Ed Peto from is visiting to get an impression of the Scandinavian music scene. He lives in Beijing and know what it takes to make it in the big asian country.


Opening speech: SPOTless !

UK music journalist/author Neil McCormick (The Daily Telegraph) is visiting SPOT for the second time - and thinks it should be named SPOTless. - It´s the cleanest festival, he ever attended :-) McCormick discusses how the music industry is changing these years.