We are currently planning the SPOT 2010 festival, and it is now that orchestras and artists, for who it would have national and international interest, can apply to participate in the festival. Booking agencies, management agencies, record companies, concerts arrangers, the media and so on, are also welcome to suggest Danish or Nordic acts for the SPOT Festival.

Application procedure
All application to the SPOT 2010 Festival is electronic, and you can already now at apply to participate in the festival – follow the given instructions for how information regarding a band, contacts, booking-contract, pr-material and listening material is uploaded to our server.

Application deadline

Tuesday the 1st of December 2009 at 12.00 P.M

The programme for the SPOT Festival is created, in basis of the received material, sent in by the bands and business associations. The programme is created, choosing groups/soloists, which are currently fore fronting the immediate Danish and Nordic music scene. ROSA’s interests lie mostly within the current new music movements, but also creates the program from a point of view, that focuses on the international music communities interest and demand, which is why previous performances at SPOT doesn’t necessarily disqualify any applicant.

The final program is determined by
ROSA – The Danish Rock Council

It is the SPOT Festivals main purpose to support the qualitative rhythmic music on the national and international market, through showcases-concerts, and by strengthening international knowledge and cultural networks.